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Albert's Journey into the Universe explores our garden universe in a playful manner that is fun for children of all ages. The story includes many of the elements that make for imaginative learning. The story takes the reader to places that we are not capable of going with our normal perspective paradigm but they are places also within our realm of possible evolution. Change your paradigm, change your reality. Meet critters that can communicate with man, go to the far reaches if the universe, travel around the world in a day, visit inner Earth, vision what our imagination can achieve, navigate through the micro and the macro universe, take inner journeys that lead you to source then go on a vision journey of your own. Envision a world where mankind is learning how to steward our spaceship Earth as well as our physical space suit that we are provided with from birth till death. Take a comical look at the possible blockages that keep us from achieving our full potential as a galactic species on a path towards source. Take a moment to imagine where mankind is destined to go 'giving divine blessing from within' (our consent), from our connection with source. It is up to us. No one can do this for us; no government, no religion, no parent figure, no space aliens not even our ascended masters can make it happen. Yep; it is up to us. We may as well have fun making the desired changes, so have as much fun reading and imagining as you can

Albert's Journey Into The Universe

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Tim Plummer

      My family moved to Florida from Pennsylvania when I was just a young child. The family is large, my twin brother and I are the youngest of ten. The move to Florida was the best move for the family and the health of our mother.

      I was an above average student as far as the grading system, I was into the student council in junior and senior high school. Questioning everything I was learning led to a bit of rebellion that we do not need to embellish on.

      After traditional public schooling in Miami, my true learning path started. Back in the seventies hitch hiking was not recommended but many like myself traveled like this. Out from the protective wing of having family available in need, I took a couple years to explore life as a volunteer hermit.

       While going down the deep end (as my mother called it) I visited many college campuses, visited a couple Communes, met all kinds of people, and basked in the learning I was experiencing.

       All things must end, it was time to conform to life’s dictates, go to work, get an apartment, start a business, you know the path laid out for everyone. I became a decent provider in the plumbing trade. Reaching the top of the trade (licensed Master Plumbing Contractor) took me a while, although I never gave up. I was a good boy now, learning code, rules, regulations, laws, insurance, taxes, you know; what you need to learn to get permission to make a living in the State.

        Then life took a nose dive that led to my next great learning spurt, perhaps the biggest relearning event of my lifetime. This point in life was so mind blowing, in-form-ation was flowing, changing, challenging everything.

        Like many others, my schooling has just been a hunger for learning. I have never and will never graduate, I have passed many courses without any diplomas. I am still in-forming, I dabble at out-forming, by sharing these stories.



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Other Books

Albert's Journal of the Universe


Enter your Delta state, and go to your playground, things are about to get Quasi.

Everything is possible in the dream dimension, even finding answers to the sustainability of an enlightened society. Join Albert's soul group in a collected dream journey taking them back in time, across the universe, living entire lifetimes in moments, to the omniverse, and through adventures that can only be experienced in a dream landscape. The team telepath "Mary" links the minds of the group to go into the dream reality of their creation.

This is an actual "dream vacation," meant to bring relaxation, although turns into a mission of purposeful research into maintaining a vibrant civilization. You may want to read "Albert's Journey into the Universe" to see how mankind reached this evolutionary leap of becoming a galactic player.

Just what is possible in the dream realm? Can we reunite with past relatives or lovers? Can we manifest our dream into reality? Can we find answers to perplexing quandaries? Will our dreams lead us to a higher state of being? Are dreams the foundations for all agreed reality? Explore these questions in a playful story. Keep your hand and feet inside the ride the whole time, have fun, and enjoy this epic adventure.

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